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Client Information

We are here to serve you and your horses when your regular veterinarian may not be available.  We have a staff of highly trained equine veterinarians who are just a phone call away all night and on weekends.  

We currently provide on-the-farm emergency services in Jefferson, Oldham, and Shelby counties in Kentucky, and in Harrison, Floyd, and parts of Clark counties in Indiana.  We do not have a hospital or a haul-in clinic.  Should your horse require hospitalization, we will refer you to a specialty clinic that can best serve your needs.

Our practice is designed to serve patients with emergency conditions and urgent matters that need to be addressed outside of regular business hours.   Routine and elective care will be provided by your primary veterinarian.  

We are an independent business entity, thus all accounting transactions are performed directly with us. Services provided after-hours will not be billed through your regular veterinarian.  Payment is required at the time of service.  We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.   

If your regular veterinarian is a member partner of our organization, you will receive preferred scheduling and a $150 discount on each emergency call, and seamlessly transition your horse's care back to that veterinarian the next business day.  Please contact your regular veterinarian to ask if they are a member partner, or click on the Referring Veterinarians page to see a current list. If your veterinarian is not a member of Bluegrass Equine Emergency Service please contact them today and ask them if they can  provide this service to their clients. 

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